Bow Mounted Spotlights - Pronounced Flare




Product Details

Flush, bow mounted spotlights that provide forward illumination without reflected glare from rails or deck hardware. Lights mount at 32º to the hull making them most suitable for vessels with pronounced bow flare. High impact, resistant anti-snag, U.V. stabilised white lexan housing with poly carbonate lens, 12 volt, 50 watt sealed halogen beam with a 7º wide to 5º high beam. Adjustment of the beam direction can be made via the internal swiveling eyeball that holds the sealed beam. Bulb replacement is from inside the vessel. Sold as a pair.

Suitable for boats with pronounced bow flare

  • Suitable for bow flare
  • Swiveling Eyeball
  • High impact
  • U.V. stabilised white lexan housing
  • 12 volt,
  • 50 watt
  • Sealed Halogen Beam 
  • 7º wide - 5º high beam



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