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The TMC Deck Wash kit includes everything you need to wash your fish boxes, scaling, anchor chain and all the grime on the deck. The self-priming pump is capable of pumping 16.3 litres per minute, giving you a constant flow of water. The quick-release snap-in ports make installation a singe. Changing out a port depending on the job requirements has never been easier.

The pump has built-in thermal overload protection thanks to its diaphragm design the pump can run dry without damage giving longevity to the life of the Deck Wash kit. The built-in check valve ensures there is no backflow in the pump and keeps the water consistently pumping in one direction, providing a steady flow of water and consistent pressure.


Great For Water Transfer
Ideal setup for a deck shower, deck wash or for cleaning out live fish tanks.

Self Priming
Self priming pump, pumps 16.3 LMP at a pressure up to 40 PSI.

Built-In Thermal Overload Protection
Cuts the power to the motor if it is drawing too much current from the supply for an extended time protecting the longevity of the pump.

Built-In Check Valve
The built-in check valve prevents water flowing back and helps the pump keep a constant flow of water.

Quick Release Ports
Quick release ports allows quick and easy port changes.

Can Be Run Dry
The diaphragm pump design allows the pump to run dry without damage.

CE Certified
Meets ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 manufacturing standards.


1 x TMC Pump - 12V, 16.3 LPM (4.3 GPM)
4 x Snap-In port fittings
2 x Snap-In ports to suit spring coiled hose
1 x 7m Spring coiled hose
1 x Strainer
1 x Adjustable jet with lockable lever



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