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Shurflo freshwater tank / pump kit is ideal for anyone wanting to spend a few nights out on the water on caravan. This system allows you to have pressurised fresh water when out and about. Can be used with a sink for clean fresh water or even a shower so you can stay clean where ever you decide to travel to. 


• Aqua King Freshwater Pump 12v 11.5LPM.
• SHURflo 1/2-1/2" elbow tail.
• SHURflo 1/2-1/2" Straight tail.
• Rect hand shower box.
• Shower head.
• 2.5M shower hose 1/2 BSP.
• Flexible rectangular water tank 100L, 73cm x 88cm.
• Deck filler 1-1/2" plastic.
• 1/2BSP Straight tail.
• 3/8 & 12mm fitting kit for water.
• 11mm - 18mm Stainless Steel hose clamps x 5.
• 27mm - 51mm Stainless Steel hose clamps x 2.
• 3 Year Warranty.



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