FURUNO FCV-588 8.4" Colour LCD Fish Finder




High resolution fi­sh echoes with RezBoost™ technology! Furuno’s FCV-588 uses revolutionary RezBoost™ technology. With RezBoost™ technology, the resolution is increased, leading to sharper and more de­fined echoes. Thanks to this increase in resolution, the accuracy of the ACCU-FISH™ function is also greatly improved.

Product Features:

Furuno FCV588 Fishfinder knows fish size and bottom structure under your boat. The next generation to the popular FCV587, the FCV-588 is packed with award winning dual frequency (50 kHz and 200 kHz) colour digital fish finder also featuring Furuno’s RezBoost technology. The FCV-588 displays underwater conditions in a 8.4″ 640 by 480 waterproof super-bright LCD screen which is still viewable in direct sunlight. The Furono FCV-588 features the same filtering capabilities and auto adjustments as the FCV-628. It has all the same capabilities and specifications as the 628 except it has an output power up to 1Kw as opposed to the FCV-628’s 600 watts. The FCV-588 has an 8.4 inch screen instead of the 5.7 inch screen (Measured diagonally). The maximum depth capability will depend on your transducer selection.

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