Haines Hunter Cleaning Kit

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Haines Hunter cleaning kit is a high quality kit designed to protect and keep you Haines Hunter looking new! Every kit includes the following:

High Gloss Wax is a high performance, high wax content boat wash which effectively removes dirt whilst restoring a high gloss finish. Being caustic free and having a neutral pH, it is gentle on the user and the environment whilst still having a powerful cleaning action to cut through dirt and grime build up. 

Interior cleaner is the most versatile product in the BoatSmart range. It is capable of removing Tobacco staining on ceilings, oils and grease from carpets, bilge stains and everything else you need to clean in a boat. It is a highly concentrated product that should be diluted at 4:1 to 20:1 depending on soiling.

Polymer Gloss is ideal for restoring an ‘as new’ look to boats. It contains an ultra-fine abrasive and solvent cleaners which prepare and clean the surface before applying a Polymer Wax. This Polymer Wax gives a plastic like coating to protect the surface. 

Applicator pad is a premium sponge pads designed to properly apply any of our fantastic range of dressings, polishes and compounds. Our applicator pads are conveniently designed for easy holding and use, allowing for smooth and consistent application

Premium Microfibre Cloths are our answer to the many other similar yet inferior products that’s can be found on the market today. You will not be disappointed by the durability and cleaning effectiveness of these cloths unlike other cheaper, low quality microfibre cloths. Ideal for any cleaning task, including drying, dusting, washing, wiping, buffing and more.

The humble sponge is the ever-long, essential part of any cleaning maintenance kit. This Jumbo Sponge does not stray from tradition made from a high quality foam providing a high level of foaming and absorption. 


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