Viper Pro Series Removable Stainless Steel Bait Board

SKU: 50002



Our convenient drop in and lift out removable deluxe stainless steel bait board is manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel to complement your boat’s other stainless steel fittings and is hand polished to a mirror finish. Cutting surface is resistant to abrasions whilst retaining your knife edge. Features include 2 stainless steel rod holders with rubber caps to protect your rods, and a large stainless steel bait/storage compartment under the cutting board.

Also included are 2 x 38mm x 420mm length legs and fittings. Compact in size and completely removable when not in use, it’s the ideal fisherman’s companion. The new improved Viper version allows you to attach the legs on the bait board in almost any position so it can be fitted into your desired location.

  • Bait board: marine grade stainless steel fully welded - hand polished
  • Legs and mounts: 38mm x 420mm marine grade stainless steel
  • Rod holders: 51mm stainless steel rod holders with rubber caps
  • Storage: bait/storage compartment w 450 x d 100mm x h 100mm
  • Cutting board: w 470mm x l 330mm
  • Dimensions: w 635mm x d 380mm x h 300mm
  • Packaging: w 950mm x d 560mm h 150mm
  • Weight: 10kg


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