Salt Away Mixer - Pressure washer / Hose attachment from Saltaway




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Stop salt corrosion and keep your boat looking its best with the Salt Away Mixer. Salt-Away is an incredible product that gets even better with this mixer unit. It’s a required part of the delivery system for many Salt-Away applications, like flushing your inboard, outboard or jet ski. You can use it in conjunction with a pressure washer, by utilizing its male and female threaded end connections and rigging it inline before the washer.

The receptacle for your Salt-Away mixer is 177ml, and mixes Salt-Away at a ratio of 512 parts of water to 1 part of Salt-Away, so your bottle of Salt-Away will go a long way! It’s a must have to keep your boat ship-shape.


  • Stops salt corrosion and keeps your boat looking fresh
  • The most popular way to dispense Salt-Away Concentrate formula
  • Many applications, including Jet Skis, engine flushes and most inboard flushes.
  • Constructed with a 3 position "Off, Rinse , Salt-Attack" valve
  • Holds 100ml
  • Tested to withstand water pressure up to 120psi

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