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Boat Seats, Boat Seat Pedestals, Bases, Boxes & Seating Accessories

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Save $55
Captain Chair Deluxe Boat SeatCaptain Chair Deluxe Boat Seat
Save $34.70
Genuine Haines Hunter - Bolster SeatGenuine Haines Hunter - Bolster Seat
Save $13
Seat Slider Camlock - Suites Pedestal PostSeat Slider Camlock - Suites Pedestal Post
Save $17
Small Stainless Steel Seat Frame - Haines HunterSmall Stainless Steel Seat Frame - Haines Hunter
Save $25
Haines Hunter Large Seat Box | SS Tackle LockerHaines Hunter Large Seat Box | SS Tackle Locker
Lean Post - Fibreglass Top - WhiteLean Post - Fibreglass Top - White
Save $19.50
Relaxn seats - Deluxe Bay SeriesRelaxn seats - Deluxe Bay Series
Save $15
Pedestal FootrestPedestal Footrest
Save $12.55
Pedestal Post - Air Ride | RELAXNPedestal Post - Air Ride | RELAXN
Relaxn Seat - Barra SeriesRelaxn Seat - Barra Series
Save $330
Relaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double Dark GreyRelaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double Dark Grey
Save $330
Relaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double GreyRelaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double Grey
Save $330
Relaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double - White BlackRelaxn Seats - Cruiser Series - Double - White Black
Save $63
Relaxn Seats - Deluxe Reef Series Carbon Grey/BlackRelaxn Seats - Deluxe Reef Series Carbon Grey/Black
Relaxn Seats - Reef Series White/GreyRelaxn Seats - Reef Series White/Grey
Save $23.90
Fold Down Mounting Bracket - BlackFold Down Mounting Bracket - Black
Save $29.92
Admiral Compact Helmsman SeatAdmiral Compact Helmsman Seat
Save $19.56
Relaxn Sea-Breeze Series Boat SeatRelaxn Sea-Breeze Series Boat Seat
Pilot Chair - Royalita Deluxe
Save $28.60
Regatta Low Profile Seat Pedestal with Camlock Slide
Stainless Steel Floor / Deck Base PlateStainless Steel Floor / Deck Base Plate
Save $45.10
Haines Hunter Small Seat Box | So Pac Plastic HatchHaines Hunter Small Seat Box | So Pac Plastic Hatch
Save $25
Haines Hunter Large Seat Box | 2 pieceHaines Hunter Large Seat Box | 2 piece
Save $21.10
Haines Hunter Large Seat Box | So Pac Plastic HatchHaines Hunter Large Seat Box | So Pac Plastic Hatch
Save $36.80
Large Stainless Steel Seat Frame - Haines HunterLarge Stainless Steel Seat Frame - Haines Hunter
Save $20
Flip-Back Deluxe SeatFlip-Back Deluxe Seat
Save $50
Bolster Seats with pocketBolster Seats with pocket
Save $28.10
Mariner Deluxe Flip Up Helm Seat - Grey CarbonMariner Deluxe Flip Up Helm Seat - Grey Carbon

Looking for premium quality brand new boat seats for sale? The Marine Centre seating collection includes a wide variety of boat seating options to cater to all types of boats – fishing boats, luxury boats, adventure boats, fibreglass boats, alloy boats, cruiser boats, leisure boats and more. We sell boat seats from top brands, with a guarantee on the lowest prices. If you’re in the market for a boat seat, a boat seat pedestal, swivels, seat boxes or any other seating product, we can provide what you need. All of our boat seats for sale can be mounted on pedestals, seat frames or seat box.

Our range includes:

  • Pedestal post – There are two types of pedestal posts – one with shock absorption and without shock absorption. The most popular pedestal posts are the ones with shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable ride experience when you’re on rough waters. Relaxn Air Ride pedestal posts are among the most popular options.
  • Seat sliders – There are two variants of seat sliders – one that sits on top of pedestal posts while the other sits on top of flat surface seat bases like seat frames and seat boxes. These sliders fit on all types of boat seats, making them a preferred choice. Seat sliders allow you to slide your seat back and forth for when you want to drive standing or seated. The best-selling seat sliders are the ones that suit pedestal posts.
  • Boat Seats – All of our boat seats for sale are built with UV stabilised upholstery and plush high-density foam padding to offer extra comfort and support for long periods. The material used on these boat seats is heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl specifically designed to withstand harsh marine environments. It’s a matter of preference and function whether you choose to buy a single seat, a double seat or a rear seat, as all of our boat seats boast premium quality and durability. You can be assured that these are the best out there.

The Best Boat Seats for Sale Australia Wide

The Marine Centre sources boat seat products from the best brands in the business and offers a huge range of boat seats for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond. We can supply you with a single seat, double seat, rear seat or any other type of boat seat to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want only one boat seat or need a whole set, The Marine Centre has quality boat seats for sale at the lowest prices. Our boating experts are also only a phone call away if you need help finding the right seat for your vessel.

Discover Our Available Boat Seat Pedestal Options

We offer a range of premium boat seat pedestal options to help transform your boating experience. Made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, our pedestals guarantee unmatched durability for years of smooth sailing. With adjustable height and swivel functionalities, they provide superior comfort that can be tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a weekend adventurer, we’re sure to have the perfect boat seat pedestal for your boat.

How to Look After Your Boat Seat

Nobody likes the look of old discoloured seats – not you, and certainly not your guests. There are a few ways you can ensure your boat seats will last for years, if not decades.

  • Using a boat seat cover – Boat seats will start looking faded, discoloured and old if they’re not maintained properly. The reason for this is the exposure to environmental elements like sunlight, wind and rain. The best thing to do is use a boat seat cover to keep your boat seats protected from such elements, thereby reducing discolouration, cracking and splitting. After each boat trip, wash down the inside of your boat including the seat and pedestal to remove any stains. All of our boat seats are supplied with a boat seat cover which snugly fits the seats and keeps them protected from sun, wind and rain.
  • Cleaning the boat seat surface – Your boat seats need to be cleaned periodically. Use a clean cloth dampened with a mild detergent to gently clean off any salt, oil and slime on the boat’s vinyl and upholstery surface. Ensure the seats are dry, then apply a little wax-based polishing product to add shine and protection to the seats. Be sure to look out for individual cleaning product instructions. Some cleaning products are harsh on the vinyl surface and need to be diluted to prevent causing harm to the seat colouration. Please read the instructions on the cleaning product before application.
  • Deep cleaning the boat seats once or twice a year – This is important because, over time, your seats and the seat mounts (frames, seat boxes or pedestal posts) start collecting all sorts of stains and oil. Remove the seats to access all the seat parts. If you’ve fitted a quick release boat swivel base, this will be much easier. Most seats use a 7x7 mounting pattern which is easily removable, or you can use a clamp and swivel to remove and reposition the seats once the cleaning process is completed. Once the boat seats and boat seat components are off, you can easily clean them with a mild detergent-based product. After cleaning, use a marine-grade lubricant to prevent rust and reduce friction on the seat pedestal components, then fit them in back together.
  • *Marine-Grade Lubricant product:

  • Replacing old boat seat parts – Some components on boat seats are more exposed to elements than others. This means it’s natural that some components, such as the pedestal post or the seat itself, will need replacing. You can always buy separate boat parts and fit them in together with your existing setup, or we can do it for you. Arrange a booking with our service centre for expert assistance.

Since you will be spending considerable time on these boat seats, we recommend choosing seats that are highly padded for extra support and comfort. Choose from the selection of boat seat and boat seat pedestal options below. To replace a seating component, simply remove your old seating and seating components and mount new ones on. That’s it – you’re good to go. To ensure your seats last for many years, do remember to follow the handy tips above, and if you have any questions, let us know – we’re here to help. And with the price guarantee we offer, you can be assured these are the best boat seats for sale money can buy, available at very affordable prices.

Order Boat Seat Products Today

Order boat seat products today from The Marine Centre to get what you need. You can also call us on (03) 9394 1530 or contact us online to learn more about our boat seats for sale.

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