Fiberglass Bait Board - Compact with Bait Compartment and Storage

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Removable Bait Board Legs & Fittings Options: SMALL BAIT BOARD LEGS H 247mm x D 41mm
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Fiberglass Bait Board - Compact with Bait Compartment and Storage

This small bait board is ergonomically designed for use in smaller boats both fibreglass and alloy. This board is large enough to comfortably cut up bait while not taking up too much valuable room on the deck. 

The compact design includes:

  • 1 chopping board lid
  • 1 Storage/Bait Compartment underneath the Chopping Board
  • 3 usable storage grooves in the bait board to stop items rolling off
  • Legs and fittings

The item is supplied with 2 bait board legs and 2 deck fittings included.

Manufactured by Haines Hunter boat builders in Victoria, these fibreglass bait boards feature a gel-coat top, the same material used in boat building.

This makes it easier to clean, compliments your boat's looks and gives off a neat vibe like the bait board is an extension of the boat itself.

The actual cutting board is a King StarBoard - the original marine-grade high-density polyethylene sheet constructed from abrasion-resistant, extremely durable, UV stablised high-density plastic that is specifically designed for bait boards and use in marine environment. This is a leading brand in the marine industry and very popular among boaties and fishermen. We only use King StarBoards because they will not rust, delaminate or rot when exposed to UV, humidity or water, making it ideal for marine environments.

The baitboard itself rests on the transom of the boat, utilising minimum space, and comes with marine grade stainless steel 2 bait board legs and 2 female deck fittings polished to a mirror finish. The female deck fittings are latched on the transom, and the bait board legs fit into the deck fittings and the bait board. The entire bait board set can be easily removed for when you have guests over and need every bit of deck space.

Product Features:

  • Fibreglass gel-coat hand-cut and polished Bait Board
  • Bait Bard Dimensions: W 70cm D 40cm H 7cm
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel 2 Bait Board Legs and 2 Female Deck Fittings
  • Bait Board Legs: SMALL - H 247mm x D 41mm / LARGE - H 420mm x D 38mm
  • 1 Bait Storage Compartment : W 40cm D 20cm H 5.5cm
  • King Starboard Cutting Board: W 43cm D 24cm
  • Measurments of mounting base under board (for Legs) W 35cm D 16cm

 We do not supply hardware to install into the boat.


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