Fuel Breather with Water Trap 90 Degree - Polypropylene

SKU: SAM-29308

Color: White


  • Designed as a low profile breather to prevent water from flowing into the fuel tank.
  • Cover can be removed for tank inspection.
  • P-traps allow air to vent freely during normal sea conditions and wash-downs and meet the ISO 10088 requirement for minimum venting area.
  • Polypropylene.
  • Splash guard provides a simple but effective solution to fuel spilling onto the side of your boat through the breather.


Hose Size 16mm
Cut Out Dia. 19mm
Depth 76mm
Max. Hull Thickness 16mm
Material Polyropylene
Type 90°
Cap Colour White


White - SAM-29308

Black - SAM-29309

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