Gunwale Rubber End Cap - White Multiple Sizes


Size: L:85mmxW:42mmxH:38mm


Gunwale Rubber End Cap - White

Plastic end caps for the finishing of gunwale rubber and protecting the surface of your Hull from knocks and scratches. Constructed with holes for the cap to be fastened to the hull. Sold individually. 


  • Made to suit 38-40mm Gunwales
  • ASA plastic construction
  • Pre Dilled Countersunk Holes

Comes in two sizes:

Size 1:

  • Length 85 (mm)
  • Internal Width: 42 (mm)
  • External Width: 49 (mm)
  • Height: 38 (mm)

Size 2:

  • Length: 80mm
  • Internal Width: 42mm
  • Height:32mm

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