Isotherm® Refrigerator – Cruise 130

SKU: BLA-381749

Model: CR130


The CR 130 (381749) is a traditional fridge providing a 6L freezer compartment, three adjustable shelves and a vegetable bin at the bottom. It is equipped with interior LED light and a fan-cooled compressor as standard. The CR130D model provides an extra space for drinks instead of the standard freezer compartment.

The Isotherm Cruise 130 consistently ranks as one of the best marine refrigerators. These are perfect for owners of caravans and RVs and those individuals that love to do various marine applications. This portable fridge unit is powered by 12v or 24v DC.

This fridge has a small compartment that serves as an icebox, three adjustable shelves and a vegetable bin at the bottom part.

The operation comes straight from a 12v or 24v battery system. It is also equipped with interior lighting. This model’s fridge section is 122 liters whereas the ice box has 6 liters capacity.

The Cruise 130 Classic can provide additional storage space for cold drinks and other refrigerated stuff if the freezer compartment is removed. The adjustable shelves are very useful for keeping various sizes of bottles and jars in a secured upright position. The air circulating fan of this portable fridge allows cold air to circulate evenly all throughout the shelves.

If you want a frost-free model of portable fridge this is the best one you could buy.

Model Volume (L) Dimensions H X W X D MM
CR130 130 746 x 527 x 505
CR130D 130 746 x 527 x 520
CR130 - BLA-381749
CR130D - BLA-381752

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