Lean / Leaning Post in Black with 360 Swivel Seat and 4 Rod Holders

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Discover the ultimate accessory for serious game fishing enthusiasts – the Removable Lean Post with a 360-degree swivel seat, stainless steel pedestal, base plate, and four rod holders, exclusively designed for game fishing. Crafted by Haines Hunter Boat Builders in Victoria, these lean posts are engineered to take your offshore game to the next level.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Rotation: The swivel seat ensures all-around visibility, allowing you to track your catch effortlessly.
  • Stainless Steel Durability: Built with a sturdy polished stainless steel pedestal and base plate, providing unparalleled support, stability, and comfort during intense battles with big game fish.
  • Space Optimization: Minimalistic design with four heavy-duty rod holders, optimizing your limited deck space, and making room for your crew onboard.
  • Easy Installation: Hassle-free installation with included bolts and base plate.
  • Versatile Design: The removable lean post allows for extra deck space when needed, making it a versatile addition to your boat.

Product Specifications

  • Post Diameter: 75mm
  • Overall Height: 826mm
  • Swivel Seat Length: 650mm
  • Swivel Seat Height: 290mm
  • Lean Post Height: 826mm
  • Base Plate Diameter:  239mm
  • Total Weight: 25kgs
  • Swivel Seat Weight: 8kgs
  • Pedestal Post Weight: 17kgs


Available in White or Black Fiberglass Seat Top

Enhance your game fishing experience with the Removable Lean Post – a must-have accessory for dedicated anglers. Upgrade your boat's functionality and comfort while maximizing deck space.

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