LED Flood / Docking Lights - Slimline

SKU: RWB6984



High quality, high power, waterproof IP67 (NOT for underwater use) LED lights that can be used as docking lights or cockpit fl ood lights Etc. Includes 4 x 3 watt Samsung high power white LED’s in a slim and compact housing.

This model have a smooth gloss white coated anodised cast aluminium frame and 4 x 3 watt Samsung brand high power white LED’s with low amp power draw and high 398 Lumen light output.

The lights are suitable for 8-30 volts so the same light suits both 12 and 24 volt systems.

Power - 9 watts. Light output 398 lumens 150mm wide x 60mm height x 30mm depth - plus S/S bracket.



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