Launch and Retrieve Boat Latch Set - U-Bolt for Fibreglass Boats

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Launch and Retrieve Boat Latch Set - U Bolt for Fibreglass Boats


Set of L&R U-Bolt Boat Latch suits boats that use a U-bolt i.e. fibreglass, wood, jet, ski, poly and aluminum boats that use a U-bolt.

The U-bolt snares come in two sizes:

  • Standard version have a tensile strength of 4.7 tonnes. Pack size: 423mmx182mmx74mm, weight: 2.7kgs.
  • Heavy duty version have a tensile strength of 7.5 tonnes. Pack size: 423mmx300mmx110mm, weight: 4kgs.

The latches themselves have a tensile strength of 5.4 tonnes. The heavy duty snare is 33% bigger than the standard snares, and is intended for large boats over 6.5m or 21ft.

Aluminium boats utilise the same latches but have a different model of towing eye snares. They are listed separately.


Standard Version - LR111

Heavy Duty Version - LR103

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