Galvanised Mooloolaba Pick Anchors - Multiple Sizes 2kg to 15kg

SKU: 12300

Size: 4Lbs 495mmx175mm


Mooloolaba Pick Anchors are galvanised heavy duty rigid pronged anchors. These versatile anchors are designed for use on reef and rocky sea beds, and facilitate easy retrieval with fixing eyes at both ends.

Product Details:

  • Easy to retrieve anchor design.
  • Heavy-duty rigid prongs.
  • Galvanised solid construction.

Mooloolaba Pick Anchors are available in multiple sizes. Please select size by preference.

 Length Width Weight
495mm 175mm 4Lbs
570mm 220mm 9Lbs
705mm 255mm 16Lbs
810mm 260mm 20Lbs
875mm 265mm 24Lbs
960mm 265mm 30Lbs


4Lbs - 495mm x 175mm - 12300

9Lbs - 570mm x 220mm - 12302

16Lbs - 705mm x 255mm - 12304

20Lbs - 810mm x 260mm - 12306

24Lbs  - 875mm x 265mm - 12308

30Lbs - 960mm x 265mm - 12310

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