Outboard Motor Flusher - Large Double Action (ear muffs)

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Keep your outboard running for years to come with this 2 Way Motor Flusher! Clean out salt, mud, sand, and other gunk from your cooling system, making sure that it doesn’t get clogged. Without one of these, your motor will have a much shorter life, and it could easily overheat or even break down while out on the water.
You can also use this boat motor flusher to test run your motor at home, giving you the chance to save time and money by making those vital tweaks and adjustments. If you want your motor to last, getting the 2 Way Boat Motor Flusher is essential.


  • Clean out salt and other impurities
  • Flush out cooling system
  • Allows for test running your motor
  • Dual flow design using a garden hose from both intakes


Overall Size - 418mm
Cup Size - 130mm x 84mm

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