Plastic Hatch - Removable Hinge - 513 x 458


Color: White


Product Details

With the removable lid hinge you do not have to worry about the lid falling or damaging items on your boat, simply open the hatch and remove the lid for easy access.

The access hatches are strong ASA plastic. Perfect for use in marine, automotive, caravan, motorhome and camper trailer applications.


  • Rubber gasket provides a water tight seal when closed.
  • High UV resistance to sunlight.
  • Smoother, more durable locking mechanism.
  • Features 1 hinge for permanent lid and 1 hinge for detachable lid, select your prefered hinge for your application.
  • Italian made quality.


  • Part No. - 382476, 382464, 382468
  • Cut Out (H x W) - 436mm x 384mm
  • Corner Radius - 34.5mm
  • Mount Screws - 5mm c/s
  • Colour - White, Grey, Black
  • Unit Qty - 1
  • Type - Square
  • Overall Size (H x W) - 513mm x 458mm
  • Inner Size (H x W) - 432mm x 380mm

Note Only one hinge can be installed.

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