Pro Series Modular LED Marine Switches

SKU: 90018

Options: On-Off Switch


Can’t Fit Our Standard Switch Panels? Then Make Your Own With These Modular Interlocking LED Individual Switches. Use Them On Their Own Or Snap Them Together To Make Panels By Choosing Two End Housings And As Many Middle Housings As You Req Uire. Great For Those Tight Spaces Or J Ust Not Sure How Many Switches You Will Need At This Stage? Add Switches As You Add Accessories, Electronics, Lights, Pumps Etc J Ust Snap On Another Switch And It Still Will Look Like

On-Off Led Marine Rocker Switch90018
On-Off Momentary Led Marine Rocker Switch - 90019
On-Off-On Led Marine Rocker Switch90020
On-Off-On Momentary Led Marine Rocker Switch - 90021

Switch Housing End Left Or Right Side - 90022
Switch Housing Middle Only90023
Switch Housing Stand Alone Single - 90024



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