Relaxn Rod Rack - 4 Rods White PP with Bungee Lock

SKU: 49145



Relaxn Rod Rack - 4 Rods White PP with Bungee Lock 49145 Relaxn is always looking for ways to make our products better and stand out from the crowd. We have added shock cord to hold your rods in place while they are in storage to stop accidents and bumps knocking them out of the rod holder. The Relaxn Wall Hanging Rod Racks are manufactured out of high impact polypropylene with adequate spacing for reels, the rod racks can be mounting either vertically or horizontally and come with all the mounting hardware required to install them on the wall. Maximise Storage Maximise your storage my mounting your rods on the wall with Rod Racks. Heavy-Duty Manufactured out high impact polypropylene. Multiple Mounting Ways Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Spacing A comfortable 85mm rod spacing. Mounting Hardware Everything you need is included to mount the Rod Racks to the wall.


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