200mtrs Of 6mm Double Braid Rope Spliced To 10mtrs Of 8mm Chain- 960kg

SKU: 30027



All our Viper rope and chain kits have been selected for their quality, blend and performance attributes and are best suited for marine applications. Our Viper 6mm double braid anchor rope has a breaking strain of approx 960 kg and gives your enough length for most of our bays and inland water ways.

  • 200mtrs of Viper 6mm Double Braid Rope Pre-spliced to 10mtr of 8mm short link chain
  • Designed to fit the Viper Pro Series II 1500 Winches

** All our chain is rolled onto the drum first so when you finally fit it onto your winch, the chain is the last to wind on, ready for your swivel and anchor.

Don’t forget to add a chain sock to protect your boat’s gel coat, for absolutely silent anchor winch operation and your chain also won’t spook the fish for miles around when it hits the bottom!


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