Stainless Steel Grab Rail - Viper Pro Series 316 Marine Grade SS

SKU: 20001

Size: 8"


Need that extra bit of comfort for you and your passengers in rough weather conditions?

These SS grab rails can be mounted to any part of the boat; commonly placed on top or side of the gunnel, the dash, inside the cabin or virtually any flat surface where you might need support.

These hand made grab rails are constructed using the highest marine grade 316 stainless steel and they come supplied with heavy duty s/s washers and nylock bolts for fitment.

Comes in sizes of:

  • 8" (200mm) - 20001
  • 10" (250mm) - 20002
  • 12" (300mm) - 20003
  • 14" (350mm) - 20004
  • 20" (500mm) - 20009
  • 33" (800mm) - 20005

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