Snap Hooks with Eye - Stainless Steel - Multiple Sizes

SKU: RWB-860

Size: 50mmx5mm


316 grade stainless steel spring snap hook with a ferrule rope eye fixed into the formed eye.

Size 7(L X D) E Suggested Working Load
50 x 5mm 7 7 100kg
60 x 6mm 7 8 125kg
70 x 7mm 8 9 175kg
80 x 8mm 11 10 220kg
100 x 10mm 13 13 290kg
120 x 11mm 16 17 320kg



50mm x 5mm - RWB-860

60mm x 6mm - RWB-861

70mm x 7mm - RWB-862

80mm x 8mm - RWB-863

100mm x 10mm - RWB-864

120mm x 11mm - RWB-865

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