Stainless Steel Delta Anchor - Multiple Variants


Size: 6kg / 13lb


Product Details

The Galvanised Delta Style Anchor is recognised around the world as an extraordinary anchor owing to it’s exceptional holding power. Constructed from high grade steel with maximum tensile strength and hot dipped with a heavy duty galvanised finish to last you a lifetime.

Constructed from marine grade SS 316 Stainless Steel featuring exceptional anti-corrosion performance and enhanced aesthetics. Suitable for boats from 4m (16.5ft) to 12.2m (40ft) – if unsure we recommend going up an anchor size.


  • Delta style design
  • Hot dipped Galvanised finish
  • 50% more holding power than a claw anchor
  • Sets almost instantaneously
  • Suitable for boats up to 4 meters (16.5ft) to 12.2m (40ft)


6kg / 13lb

  • Weight 6kg
  • Length 581mm
  • Width 261mm
  • Height 255mm

8kg / 18lb

  • Weight 8kg
  • Length 649mm
  • Width 274mm
  • Height 278mm

10kg / 22lb

  • Weight 10kg
  • Length 679mm
  • Width 302mm
  • Height 293mm

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