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This stainless steel boat seat frame fits any boat - simply bolt it to the deck and you're good to go. Unlike regular stainless steel and metal seat frames, the marine grade 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum - a metallic element used to toughen steel and increase corrosion resistance - making this stainless steel seat frame extremely durable and perfect for marine conditions.

Made by Haines Hunter, these seat frames are unbranded so they can go on any boat. And with a shiny hand polished metallic finish you can be sure it will enhance the look of your boat.

At 44cm height for small seat frame and 53.5cm height for large frame, they give you that extra height to make your cruising experience even better, and with an embedded footrest, you can be sure your long rides will be very comfortable.

The open space underneath the seat frame allows sliding in a tackle box, esky/cooler, luggage, or anything you like and is designed to make effective use of the valuable deck space.

The mounting plate on the seat frame has pre-drilled holes, so bolting a seat or a seat slide is also very easy, and if you need any help, we're happy to do it for you if you bring the boat into our factory.

  • Large boat seat frame:
    • Height: 535mm
    • Weight: 6kg
    • Base plate: 260mmx200mm



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