Viper Chain Sock To Suit 6mm Short Link Chain

SKU: 30053

Size: 8m


8mtrs Suit Micro Winch - 30053
10mtrs Suit Pro 1000 Winch -

The Viper chain sock is a high tech polyester blend braid that encases your 6 or 8mm short link anchor chain and is the only Australian made chain guard available.
How many times have you pulled up your anchor and the chain scraped your gunnel or deck?
Do you fish in shallow water for species such as whiting, bream or bass?
Do you have a drum winch installed on your boat?
Do you have an alloy boat?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need a Viper Chain Sock! Protect your boat’s anchor rollers, bow sprit, winch, gel-coat, gunnel and reduce spooking the fish which increase your chances of landing fish.

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