Viper Pro Series II Outrigger Bases With Mounting Hardware

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SKU: 80001

Type: Removable Deck Mount
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Viper pro series II outrigger bases with mounting hardware. Outrigger base, outrigger poles on outrigger sets attach to fishing rods and gear for game fishing.

Product Details:

Viper Outriggers just got better with our new Series II improvements making them bullet proof! Viper Outrigger bases are now fitted with heavy duty commercial stainless steel bearings to ensure smooth operation in any weather conditions and our Series II outrigger poles are also spring loaded for ease of use.

180 degree rotation bow to stern, 90 degree vertical adjustment with improved heavy duty spring loaded stainless steel locking pins, there is no need to remove your poles and align splines to set your outriggers into position!

They are removable when not in use and the collapsible telescopic poles make for easy storage and are rated to handle the toughest game applications (25kg/55lbs).

They can be deck, cabin, hard top or side mounted onto your rocket launcher and are fully adjustable without having to fight spline alignment – just lift the spring loaded stainless steel pins, set and forget! Completely constructed from 316 marine grade cast stainless steel.

Removable Mount Outrigger Base - 80001
Side Mount Outrigger Base
- 80014

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