BEP Battery Master Switch – Surface and Panel Mount


Style: Panel Mount


Product Details

The 701 Contour Battery Master Switch is a simple on/off switch which offers a number of unique Features. The contour lock system allows it to be a stand alone unit or locked together with other switches. The 701 also Features a control knob which cannot be removed whilst in the on or off position, however can be removed by switching to an anti-theft position. Interchangeable labelling system on the control knob allows a full range of applications. Switches come standard with the battery symbol label. Alternative label sets 113691 are available. Removable rear cover insulates the rear terminals against any short circuits and ensures the switch meets ABYC requirements. Removable side plates on 4 sides provide access for heavy duty battery cables. Surface mount or recess mount in a 52mm hole. Screw holes 5mm roundhead. Ignition protected. Non-corrosive construction.


  • Continuous rating 275 amps DC
  • Intermittent rating 455 amps DC
  • Cranking rating 1250 amps DC for 10 seconds
  • Voltage rating 48 volts DC maximum
  • Terminal stud size 2 x 10mm
  • Moulded in high temperature, fibre-reinforced plastics

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