Haines Hunter Small Seat Box | SS Tackle Locker

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🛥️ Elevate Your Fishing Experience: Maximize your time on the water with the Haines Hunter Seat Box. Meticulously crafted to complement your Haines, this seat box isn't just an accessory; it's an upgrade to your fishing lifestyle.

🔒 Sleek Storage Solution: Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined efficiency. The integrated Stainless Steel Tackle Locker houses up to 5 flat tackle boxes with ease, keeping your gear organized and accessible right under the driver's seat.

🌟 Seamless Integration: Designed for seamless integration, the seat box is constructed from the highest grade fibreglass and finished with a lustrous white gelcoat that mirrors the beauty of your boat. It's not just a seat; it's a statement.

🔩 Sturdy and Secure: Engineered to endure, the bases bolt directly to the floor, offering a rock-solid foundation for your seat base or swivel. It's the stability you can trust when the sea gets rough.

💺 Comfort Meets Convenience: With a solid top ready for your choice of seat base, the Haines Hunter Seat Box is the perfect fusion of comfort and convenience. Your seat, your throne, your command centre.

Deluxe Detailing: Paired with our deluxe Stainless Steel Tackle Box, it’s the ideal combination of elegance and utility. Insist on Viper for your boat – where premium 'bling' meets durability that stands the test of time.

📐 Specifications:
- Dimensions: Height 430mm x Width 515mm x Depth 380mm
- Packaging: 520mm x 520mm x 520mm
- Weight: 10kgs

This product isn't just built; it's crafted for champions. Ready to cast? Your Haines Hunter Seat Box awaits.

** 5 Business Days for Manufacturing **

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