Haines Hunter Lean Post - Fibreglass Top - Black




 Product Details:

Genuine Haines Hunter removable lean post with 360° rotation swivel seat, stainless steel pedestal, base plate and 4 rod holders, specially designed for game fishing boats. This leaning post works very similar to the traditional marlin game chair - only better.

Designed to offer you ultimate support and stability, and maximum comfort for when you're fighting that big fish and reeling it in. Minimal design multipurpose lean posts, with 4 heavy duty rod storage to utilise the valuable limited deck space, giving you more room for your crew onboard. 


  • Minimal design to utilise valuable deck space.
  • 360° rotation swivel seat
  • Stainless steel base plate
  • 4 heavy duty game rod holders
  • Removable post
  • Dimensions:
    • Swivel Seat length: 650mm
    • Swivel Seat height: 290mm

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