Lenco Trim Tab Standard Mount Kits

SKU: 55430

Models: Lenco™ 12V 9" x 9" Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55430


Lenco Standard Mount Trim Tab Kits without Switch Panels.

Product Details

  • Lenco’s ball screw design is more reliable, three times more powerful and features an instant response, which makes them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulics.
  • Instant response electric actuators for precise control
  • Everything is fully submersible, maintenance-free and sealed for life.
  • Self-locking ballscrew will not drift, even while backing down.
  • Self retracts when connected to ignition switch
  • Supplied in pairs

 Standard Kit Includes:

  • 2 x 12-gauge stainless steel trim tab blades
  • 2 x #15054-001 actuator with 6' leads and deutsch plugs
  • 2 x #30133-103 20' actuator extension wiring harnesses
  • 2 x #15085-001 (116) upper mounting brackets with gland seal
  • 2 x #50014-001 (119) lower mounting brackets
  • Lenco owner’s / installation manual
  • All necessary stainless steel mounting hardware


12V 9''x9'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55430

12V 9''x12'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55432

12V 9''x18'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55434

12V 9''x24'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55436

12V 12''x12'' Trun Tab Kit No Switch 55440

12V 12''x18'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55442

12V 12''x24'' Trim Tab Kit No Switch 55444

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