Stainless Steel Viper Pro Series Polished Plough Anchor - Multiple Variants

SKU: 30013

Weight: 10LB / 5KG


Product Details:

If you are a fastidious boatie and want to guarantee that you will hold bottom during any weather conditions then the Viper Pro Series stainless steel hand polished plough anchor is for you! Designed by Bell Marine, exclusively cast to suit most bow rollers and are a must for electric anchor winch installations.

These stainless steel plough anchors will not damage your bow rollers on retrieval and will prevent your rope from damage. You will never need to go up to the bow of your boat ever again and kick your anchor off, these plough anchors will self-launch each and every time, especially when they are coupled to our Viper deluxe bow rollers… … … .

Add the ultimate bling to your pride and joy today.


Viper Pro Series Polished Stainless Steel Plough Anchor – 10lb / 5kg - 30013

Viper Pro Series Polished Stainless Steel Plough Anchor  – 15lb / 7kg - 30014

Viper Pro Series Polished Stainless Steel Plough Anchor  – 20lb / 9kg - 30030

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