Savwinch Electronic Fast Fall System - EFF-2S-100

SKU: EFF-2S-100



Savwinch Electronic Fast Fall System - EFF-2S-100 

Double your drop speed with no moving parts!

  • Doubles your anchor drop speed
  • Clutch free, no moving parts!
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • International Award Winning

We are proud to have the worlds first electronic Fast Fall system for boat winches, with a patented world winning design. It is mechanical clutch free, which increases the speed of the motor on the way down, comparably as fast as you can freely drop your anchor. Other winch brands go up just as fast as they go down, this draws more current which could lead to overloads, battery drainage, and winch failure. Regardless the Savwinch Fast Fall system drops the anchor significantly faster than all other fixed speed boat winches.

The EFF Electronic Fast Fall System can also be retro-fitted to almost any Savwinch! The EFF units are simply wired between the battery and the Winch.

The EFF Electronic Fast Fall System can help your Savwinch Drum Winch reach speeds of well over 100m a minute (depending on Which model Winch it’s wired up to).

The EFF2S-100 works with all of our Drum Winches up to the 2000 Models. If you have a larger model, please contact us for alternate options.

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