Viper Pro Series Modular Led Illuminated Switch Covers

SKU: 90046

Options: Anchor


Not Only Can You Choose How Many Or Which Type Of Switches In Your Custom Panel, You Can Also Choose The Right Illuminated Switch Covers As Well. Simply Snap Them Together As Needed And Still Have The Flexibility To Add Switches As Required. The Ultimate Custom Look In Marine Electrics And We Even Supply The Tool To Change Your Covers!

Anchor - 90046
Anchor Light - 90047
Nav Light - 90048
Light - 90049
Cabin Light - 90050
Power - 90051
Wiper - 90052
Wiper/Washer - 90053
Horn - 90054
Water Pressure - 90055
Bilge Pump - 90056
Fresh Water - 90057
Fan - 90058
Trim Tabs - 90059

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